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Now THIS is a protest... (no sound)

South Carolina cop shoots man for getting license

Michael Che on Impending Immigration Attack!

Police Militarization in America

The Real Death Valley

notarobot says...

People choosing to face death in border forests rather than stay at home or deal with border checkpoint laws? This is going in my Biopolitics playlist.

Reducing the Male Population by 90% Will Solve Everything

orintau (Member Profile)

Jon Stewart on the Gaza-Israeli Conflict

Israel bombs U.N. school shelter, murdering children

Israeli crowd cheers with joy as missile hits Gaza on CNN

Weird Al Yankovic Explains the Internet to Fox's Stuart V...

A conversation with Dan Ellsberg and Ed Snowden (07/19/14)

Journalist Aids Child Hurt by Shrapnel in Gaza

lucky760 (Member Profile)

lucky760 (Member Profile)

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