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UK News is Concerned About Church Security

Hillary Clinton Accepts Democratic Nom to 1/2 Empty Arena

New Poll Numbers Have Clinton Far Behind And Falling

notarobot says...

This year's election cycle was like a game of rock/paper/scissors.

Sanders (was) Rock (consistent over time)
Trump is Scissors (not afraid to cut people with his wit)
Clinton is Paper (thin, like her integrity)

And now with the weight of this wikileaks' reveal of the corruption surrounding the Clinton campaign's back-room plans to keep "Rock" off the ballot--by covering it up so that the voters don't realize they have a better option--All they see is paper.

American voters are in an interesting choice indeed: A fraud, or... whatever the other one is.

TDS - Shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

Sportscaster Talks Dallas Police Shooting And Police Abuse

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Jonathan Pie on Brexit

notarobot says...

"If you've got nothing, why would you vote for things to stay as they are? At least with uncertainty, there's some hope that things might change."

Chinese Underground Mall Turned Underground River

newtboy (Member Profile)

notarobot says...

Thanks for the bump!

newtboy said:

To me he's essentially saying 'We know you're "values" and "strongly held beliefs" are for sale. Is 10% over the current rate (set by the NRA and accepted by congress) enough for the people to buy them back?'
I actually think this is a MUCH better plan than using the money for adds or other often ignored lobbying....just hand it to them and tell them what we want for it. It could actually work. *quality idea

Hasan Minhaj takes down Congress at the RTCA Dinner

More Primary Voter Suppression In Puerto Rico

Bernie is not backing down

notarobot says...

@10:00 "It's inappropriate for a sitting president to give his support to someone who is running for a nomination."

Lady has a point.

Bernie is not backing down

notarobot says...

@3:50 - Bernie is wrong about support for Trump. There are plenty of American's who will vote for him because of his insulting comments, and plenty more who will hold their nose and vote Kang over Kodos.

"I don't really like him either, but least Kang didn't breach classified information, or take bribes from BigCorp like Kodos did," they might say.

@4:30 - "I will do anything in my power to stop Kang from becoming president" is code for "I'll vote for Kodos, if I have to."

Bernie was our last hope. The only human running. He was unable to defeat the dirty tricks of Hillary's campaign, with her big bank bribes donations, more "donations" from foreign governments, and her endless Super PAC money...

Bernie failed to understand that in America, it's the leaders who become idolized and it's the cheaters who usually lead. Bernie isn't a cheater. He is a man of dignity who stands by his word, and refused to act outside his principles or allow the ends to justify his means.

And that is why he will not be president.

The Three Speeches

Fort McMurray is on Fire

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