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Bernie is not backing down

notarobot says...

@3:50 - Bernie is wrong about support for Trump. There are plenty of American's who will vote for him because of his insulting comments, and plenty more who will hold their nose and vote Kang over Kodos.

"I don't really like him either, but least Kang didn't breach classified information, or take bribes from BigCorp like Kodos did," they might say.

@4:30 - "I will do anything in my power to stop Kang from becoming president" is code for "I'll vote for Kodos, if I have to."

Bernie was our last hope. The only human running. He was unable to defeat the dirty tricks of Hillary's campaign, with her big bank bribes donations, more "donations" from foreign governments, and her endless Super PAC money...

Bernie failed to understand that in America, it's the leaders who become idolized and it's the cheaters who usually lead. Bernie isn't a cheater. He is a man of dignity who stands by his word, and refused to act outside his principles or allow the ends to justify his means.

And that is why he will not be president.

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Katie Couric interviews Bernie Sanders

Katie Couric interviews Bernie Sanders

notarobot says...

I don't disagree with your take on this snippet. It reads like:

K: "Hey, are you serious about this, for reals?"
B: "Yup."

Bear in mind that this interview was recorded in June, 2015---almost a year ago---when Bernie was mostly unknown by the general public.

The full interview carries a much better tone, and allows Bernie to dismiss some of the early criticism that were floating around back then.

Bernie has come a long way in the past year.

TheFreak said:

Yeah, fuck that interview.
The implied message that he can't get elected...journalists need to be a little more self aware so they don't let their prejudices leak out through their mouths.

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littledragon_79 (Member Profile)

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notarobot says...


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