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Canada vs. USA -- Debates

Jon Stewart Trashes CNN on 'Larry King Live'

pierrre (Member Profile)

notarobot says...

Thanks so much for commenting, and for helping me learn something!

pierrre said:

The zig-zags are there as its a crossing area and no cars are allowed to park on them. at all. ever.

And as for cats and dogs, there are announcements on all local radio stations reminding people to keep pets indoors. Its been going for ages, the locals know what to do Island population doubles for a week.

Also, been lurker for years, signed up to reply about road markings ffs

New Horizons - End of the First Era of Planetary Exploration

7 years, 7 mass shootings, 7 distraught speeches

notarobot says...

You are correct. Shootings of this nature do in fact happen in other "advanced" countries.

However, I think if we look at the frequency of this kind of shooting in other advanced countries, we'll find that America still have more shooting, more frequently, than most (or all) the other "advanced" countries combined.

To draw a comparison, if we use "school shootings" as an example, ignoring all other types of shootings, Canada, for example has had fifteen school shootings since 1884. In the United States, there have been 168 school shooting events since 2000

To put this another way: America has had as many school shootings SO FAR THIS YEAR as Canada has had in it's ENTIRE HISTORY.

Payback said:

It does happen in other "advanced" countries. It has happened here in Canada, it has happened in Germany, in the UK. The fact that it ONLY has happened 7 times in 7 years in the US -the third most populous country in the world behind China and India- is actually remarkable in it's rarity.

It's actually a pretty good record, statistically.

Higher minimum wage, or guaranteed minimum income?

notarobot says...

What would it take for a Basic Income to finally take hold?

radx said:

So yeah, a UBI would be lovely. Finally some liberty, finally more negotiating power for the worker (can decline any job offer without repression). But the shit would need to hit the fan hard before there can be any room within the political sphere for it.

7 years, 7 mass shootings, 7 distraught speeches

one flew over the piggie farm- a drones tale

the Elizabeth warren speech that has everyone talking

jon stewart tears into eric garner reactions

The Newsroom's Take On Global Warming-Fact Checked

notarobot says...

"All of these things are predicted by the IPCC—I mean, not the permanent darkness thing, I don't think that's meant to be scientific. But yes, as we reported in May this year, Europe faces freshwater shortages; Asia can expect more severe flooding from extreme storms; North America will see increased heat waves and wildfires, which can cause death and damage to ecosystems and property. Especially in poor countries, diminished crop yields will likely lead to increased malnutrition, which already affects nearly 900 million people worldwide.

So, in all, well done Newsroom. Informative, accurate, if a little heavy-handed on the doom and gloom." /Mother Jones fact check

*Quality piece, Newsroom.

Now THIS is a protest... (no sound)

South Carolina cop shoots man for getting license

Michael Che on Impending Immigration Attack!

Police Militarization in America

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