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TYT: The Establishment Strikes Back

notarobot says...

"Has anyone been harmed by this spying?"
"No one that we're aware of."

Then what's the harm in being up front with voters?

Google/FB/Yahoo etc... are companies/services that are used by lots of people outside America. This program is effectively gathering information on a billion people (at least) and possibly better than any spy agency could do on their own. In a way it's genius, evil, but genius. And creepy.

Whistleblower [RAP NEWS 19]

Paint Your Yard Green

Texas Cops Mistake Actual Weeds for Marijuana Plants

Jimmy Kimmel on Toronto mayor Rob Ford walking into camera

Sears takes inventors idea all the way to China

Bill O'Reilly is Stupid

notarobot says...

Sigh. Bill-O isn't actually stupid. He is articulate, and well spoken, and has a toilet paper roll up to his eye of his mind when he looks at the tiny tiny piece of the world that he represents.

He is right that the world is changing, but I wish he, and people like him would take off their blinders so he (and others) could grow to change with it, instead of complaining that the changes (many of which are set in motion when his generation was young) are taking place.

Colorado and Washington Legalize Cannabis

Rowan Atkinson's Speech: Reform Section 5

Curiosity Rover TOUCHDOWN!!

notarobot says...

"500 metres in altitude,"
"How close is that?"
The approximate height of the CN tower? A wee bit higher than the EMPIRE FUCKING STATE BUILDING?
How close? NotcloseenoughthatyouwontdiefromfreefalldespitelowgravityonMars!
Metric! For Pete's sake!


Scientists 99.999% sure Higgs boson has been found

notarobot says...

TYT - Cenk Calls out Canada for Internet Censorship

jan (Member Profile)

First Amendment rights can be terminated: Cops versus camera

Diane Tran - Honor Student Jailed for Missing School

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