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India has successfully launched a rocket to Mars

Anti-fracking Native protest 'wins' against riot police

notarobot says...

Unfortunately things aren't so simple.

My understanding is that the land in question is traditional Native land which was never surrendered to Canada.

Rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada and lower courts have established a duty to consult and accommodate aboriginal people when development is considered on their land, even non-reserve traditional lands. This was either not done, or wasn't successful.

There is also some suspicion that one of the individuals who set fire to the police cruisers is an RCMP informant. But I haven't found satisfactory evidence of that yet. If true, it would not be the first instance of police provocateurs infiltrating protests in Canada.

bcglorf said:

I'm gonna give the knee jerk Canadian perspective. I may change my opinion after looking closer. From what I currently understand, the land being worked on is owned by the Canadian government, not the protesters. The police arrested protesters that were preventing work from being done. The protesters then set fire to several police cars.

This is ugly and not really sure what more the police/gov were expected to do?

Anti-fracking Native protest 'wins' against riot police

notarobot says...

*promote *quality

I don't expect this is the last the protesters will see of the police. Gasco's want their money, and fracking wells is how they will get it.

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JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

Your vagina is US Govt property & will be searched randomly.

TYT: The Establishment Strikes Back

notarobot says...

"Has anyone been harmed by this spying?"
"No one that we're aware of."

Then what's the harm in being up front with voters?

Google/FB/Yahoo etc... are companies/services that are used by lots of people outside America. This program is effectively gathering information on a billion people (at least) and possibly better than any spy agency could do on their own. In a way it's genius, evil, but genius. And creepy.

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Bill O'Reilly is Stupid

notarobot says...

Sigh. Bill-O isn't actually stupid. He is articulate, and well spoken, and has a toilet paper roll up to his eye of his mind when he looks at the tiny tiny piece of the world that he represents.

He is right that the world is changing, but I wish he, and people like him would take off their blinders so he (and others) could grow to change with it, instead of complaining that the changes (many of which are set in motion when his generation was young) are taking place.

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