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Romney Family Owns Voting Machines - Is This Right? -- TYT

Katie Couric interviews Bernie Sanders

Katie Couric interviews Bernie Sanders

notarobot says...

I don't disagree with your take on this snippet. It reads like:

K: "Hey, are you serious about this, for reals?"
B: "Yup."

Bear in mind that this interview was recorded in June, 2015---almost a year ago---when Bernie was mostly unknown by the general public.

The full interview carries a much better tone, and allows Bernie to dismiss some of the early criticism that were floating around back then.

Bernie has come a long way in the past year.

TheFreak said:

Yeah, fuck that interview.
The implied message that he can't get elected...journalists need to be a little more self aware so they don't let their prejudices leak out through their mouths.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Amy Goodman on CNN: Trump gets 23x the coverage of Sanders

littledragon_79 (Member Profile)

Mine Detonation Leads to Stone Rain

seth meyers-a closer look at flint michigan water crisis

Robert Reich on Bernie Sanders

notarobot says...


CNNs Reporting Of The Oregon Mass Shooting

Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe and Syria

notarobot jokingly says...

To be fair, NZ is awfully hard to get to by rubber dingy or plywood barge.

ChaosEngine said:

And while Australia and the US have an abysmal record on refugees, NZ is worse.

While at least we're not sending them to concentration camps, er, "detention centers", this is the first time I've ever felt truly ashamed of my adopted country.

Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe and Syria

Canada vs. USA -- Debates

Jon Stewart Trashes CNN on 'Larry King Live'

pierrre (Member Profile)

notarobot says...

Thanks so much for commenting, and for helping me learn something!

pierrre said:

The zig-zags are there as its a crossing area and no cars are allowed to park on them. at all. ever.

And as for cats and dogs, there are announcements on all local radio stations reminding people to keep pets indoors. Its been going for ages, the locals know what to do Island population doubles for a week.

Also, been lurker for years, signed up to reply about road markings ffs

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