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Comments to CelebrateApathy

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your comment on Game Show Contestant Bursts Implant has just received enough votes from the community to earn you 1 Power Point. Thank you for your quality contribution to VideoSift.

This achievement has earned you your "Silver Tongue" Level 1 Badge!

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 3 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

rottenseed says...

Sorry dude (or gal). I jumped the gun on the ban. We used to run a tighter ship around here but I guess eventually it just caused too much "free speech" drama. If you must know I banned you initially for you calling somebody a "dumb ass". That kind of direct insult is actually prohibited in our rules. However, because things get heated here, or because sometimes somebody is just being sarcastic, we've gotten a little lenient on that one.

So once again, I apologize. Maybe with more of a rapport I'll be able to recognize your intent. Keep on siftin'

GenjiKilpatrick says...

While you most definitely make a good point.. no one is forcing you to read comments.

In fact, there's even a helpful little "ignore" button for just this very scenario.

Hope you get unbanned soon. ; ]

In reply to this comment by CelebrateApathy:

@GenjiKilpatrick, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Seriously, I'm so tired of going to watch a video and seeing comments from your dumb ass attacking another member of the sift, unprovoked, in an open thread. I don't care what your opinion is; I don't care what hers is. If you have a beef, settle it away from everyone else so we can stop having to see your relentless bullsit.

Now if you want to throw out an opinion on the video at hand, feel free to do so. Half the people here are whack jobs and I'll gladly listen to any opinion they have as long as they aren't attacking someone else while trying to share it. (even @shinyblurry )

siftbot says...

CelebrateApathy has been InstaBanned by rottenseed for gross violations of Sift guidelines. This account will now be disabled.

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